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Treat yourself to a little luxury from The Plaza Hotel!
(especially if you always wanted to stay there but never had the chance!!)

Silver Grand Bowl

This is a HUGE silver dish from the now closed Plaza Hotel, New York.  The dish has a few dings and bruises from its years of service at the Hotel, but the silver still looks beautiful.  I love the patina it has as is, but, it would polish up beautifully as well.

This piece has the feel of dishevelled elegance, if you're looking for something more pristine, I'd suggest some of the other silver that I rescued from The Plaza!

I can think of a 1000 uses for the elegant piece.  I think it would be spectacular as a beer or wine cooler...filled with ice and stocked with frosty cold ones!  It would also make a special planter or container to hold pots of house plants.  And don't forget it can always be used just as it has for years, as a very special serving piece for special meals.  (What a great gift for people who invite you to the beach for the weekend!!)

US $200.00  + shipping



Silver Demitasse (or heirloom baby spoon)

This is a traditional silver demitasse spoon from the Plaza Hotel in NYC.  While cleaning out the attic for the sale they found some silver that had never been placed into service and was still tightly wrapped in tissue in the original boxes.  The spoons are bright and shiny with no tarnishing whatsoever.  The spoon is stamped "WORLD".  This is what is known as hotel plate, a very heavy and durable silver plating. 

These spoons are a great way to remember this wonderful hotel now that it has closed it's doors!!  The famous "double P" logo is clearly visible on each handle.

These spoons would make wonderful baby spoons.  The size is just right.  These would be a perfect shower gift!  A family tradition to be passed on from one generation to the next.

US $30.00  + shipping



Plaza Silver Serving Spoons - pair

A pair of traditional silverplate spoons from the Plaza Hotel in NYC.

While cleaning out storerooms for the sale they found some silver that had never been placed into service and was still tightly wrapped in tissue in the original boxes. The spoons are bright and shiny with no tarnishing whatsoever. The spoon is stamped "WORLD" and are approximately 8.5 inches long. This is what is known as hotel plate, a very heavy and durable silver plating. The silver used to plate these items is 100% pure silver...not .925 sterling silver, so the color of the silver is spectacular!!

These spoons are a great way to remember this wonderful hotel now that it has closed its doors!! The famous "Double P" logo is clearly visible.

US $120.00  + shipping


Plaza Hotel Silver Cake Tier


The tray is in mint (never used?) condition.

It stands about 13 inches high.

The tiers are approximately 11, 8 and 6.5 inches in diameter.

There is a beautifully detailed key handle at the top.


US $75.00  + shipping


Plaza Hotel Paper Guest Towels

Ten elegant paper guest towels from The Plaza Hotel New York!!  These are tied with authentic Plaza ribbon and would make a lovely gift.  These brand new towels are the same one's that were handed out by the attendants in this wonderful legend.  They make wonderful collectibles now that The Plaza, NYC has closed.

US $15.00 + shipping

Plaza Hotel Oak Bar Martini Shaker

A spectacular cocktail shaker from the Plaza Hotel:

This gleaming piece of top-quality 18/10 stainless steel is unused old-stock from the famous Oak Bar. This shaker holds 8 ounces or 0.23 litres and stands six inches high. It consists of three pieces; the lid, the strainer, and the base.The exterior of the shaker has been polished to a high-gloss finish.

The piece is marked 18/10 STAINLESS on the bottom.

The cup-like base is a great piece on its own. I can think of a thousand uses for this little stainless cup with the double P logo.It could hold Q-tips or toothbrushes in the bathroom. It is stable enough to hold pencils and pens on a desk, and the most obvious may be to just use it as a little stainless drinking cup. Of course, as usual my first thoughts are of using it as a little vase. It also looks great as a vase with the strainer top on. This gives more of the silhouette of the cocktail shaker which adds a bit of fun to the arrangement. The strainer itself works as a frog holding the stems in place! This solid, high-quality product makes a wonderful gift for any Plaza Hotel enthusiasts you know.

The famous double P logo of The Plaza Hotel is prominently placed on the front of the base in gold.

US $150.00 + shipping


Plaza Hotel Silver Toothpick Urn

This is an incredibly elegant little urn from The Plaza, New York.

These silverplate urns are from new stock that were found in a cupboard near the end of the recent liquidation sale.  They are still in their boxes.

They were to be used in the Oak Room & Bar.

Traditionally they were cigarette and toothpick urns, but they would make lovely candle holders or petite vases as well.

On either side of the urn there is a lion holding a ring in its mouth.  The rings can move.

These Grecian urns match the larger ones that were found outside the Terrace Room on the mezzanine floor of the hotel.

The vases stand 3.5 inches high and 2 inches in diameter.  They are mint in their original boxes.

US $20.00 + shipping



Plaza Hotel Silver Sugarbowl with Chocolates

A wonderful little piece of silverplate, this sugar bowl is made by Morton-Parker, the maker of Canada's finest holloware.  It is made of solid heavy-gauge nickel silver, hard soldered and heavily deposited with 99.9% pure silver.  Although it is a sugar bowl, it looks to me like it would make a great baby cup or little vase.

(Or as Winnie-the-Pooh would say, "a useful pot to put things in!")

(Morton Parker still makes these sugar bowls which have a list price of $103.02 ($116.52 CDN))

To add something special, I've filled this silver plate cup with a dozen foil-wrapped chocolate mints from The Plaza Hotel. 

These "turn-down-service" candies are wrapped in gold foil which has The Plaza's famous double p logo on it in either blue or purple.

The whole cup has been wrapped in cellophane and beautifully tied with an authentic Plaza Hotel logo ribbon.  (Both blue/violet or white ribbon with gold accent are available...the choice is yours!)

This elegant piece would make a beautiful gift for a shower, birthday or any of the upcoming holidays!  Once the chocolates have been polished off the little bowl or cup can be enjoyed as an heirloom piece by upcoming generations.

I'm including two elegant white gift or placecards so that you can add your own personal finishing touch to this wonderful gift.  These little cards both have the famous "double P" logo in gold foil.

The bottom of the cup is marked.  I can't make it all out, but what I can read looks like this.




US $35.00 + shipping



Plaza Hotel Silver Bottle Cover/Slipper(sold)


from The Plaza, New York.

These gleaming pieces of silverplate are from new, unused old-stock that was found in a cupboard near the end of the recent liquidation sale.  They were still in the manufacturer's packaging.

They were to be used as bottle coasters in the Oak Room & Bar, as well as the Palm Court.

(I didn't know what these were until I was taken for dinner on Madison Avenue and there on the table was a bottle of water sitting in one of these elegant bottle holders.)

Although traditionally they were made to insulate and decorate bottles, they make lovely vases or desk top accessories as well.

(It's easy...a Fiji 1 litre (33.8 fluid ounce) bottle fits perfectly.  Just take an empty bottle and cut along the horizontal line on the back label...and voila, you have a PVC water-proof, liner without spending a penny! 

US $30.00 + shipping



Sugar Sachets with China Holder

Ten (10) sugar sachets/packets from The Plaza Hotel each with the logo and "The Plaza" written on both sides.  They come in an authentic Plaza Hotel sugar packet holder.  This dispenser is made by The Sterling China Co. Wellsville, USA and is marked so on the bottom.  It is in mint condition!!  (Ten Splenda packets are included as they were at the hotel to complete the effect and fill the china holder.)

The packets are held in place with a beautiful piece of authentic logo Plaza ribbon.  Tied in a bow, this blue and gold ribbon completes an elegant gift presentation.


US $35.00 + shipping SOLD


Plaza Hotel Tray

This tray is black with "The Plaza" written in gold script with the "double p" shield emblem or monogram in gold above it.

The tray is vintage, but has never been used.  It is still in its original plastic.

The tray measures 5 inches by 12 inches.  The edge is 3/4 of an inch high.  There are four little castors on the bottom to protect any fine furniture.

I'm not sure of the exact use of this tray.  It may have been placed in the rooms to hold water glasses or coffee mugs.  Or it may have been for holding loose change, cufflinks or women's jewellery.  (rings, necklaces, bracelets.)

It could have easily held vanity items, such as perfume and makeup brushes, lipstick etc.

US $40.00 + shipping

US $40 + shipping

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