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Treat yourself to a little luxury from The Plaza Hotel!
(especially if you always wanted to stay there but never had the chance!!)

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TV guide cover
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fire exit floor plan
book: An Intimate Portrait
book: The Hotel
book: The Golden Rules Of Etiquette At The Plaza
book: The Plaza - It's Life & Times
book: The Plaza Cookbook
book: At The Plaza - An Illustrated History



Plaza Hotel Collectible Giftcards

Add a touch of Plaza elegance to your holiday gifts with these elegant Plaza gift cards. 
The cards are brand new in white with the Plaza logo in gold.
These enclosures are suitable for corporate or personal use! There are two slots to hold the corners of a business card if desired. (If you're not part of the business world...why not use them to hold a photograph? A gift certificate? or anything printed, written or drawn on a piece of card!!

They are being sold in lots of twelve (12) so that you can choose just how many you will need!

US $9.99  + shipping


Check out other items for more wonderful and unique Plaza Hotel memorabilia!  
Lots of china and silver that would help to complete your elegant tabletop.

Plaza Hotel Collectible Mail Holder

This vintage mailbox (or message holder) is from a suite at The Plaza Hotel, New York. Years ago, these mailboxes were attached to the wall beside the entrance door to each of the suites. It has a prominent double P logo on it as well as beautiful art deco-style cut-out grill work on the front of it. (So you can see if there are any important invitations or better yet, love letters, left inside.)

Now for my special feature of modern day uses for vintage Plaza treasures. Small glass vases slipped inside turn it into a spectacular holder for cut flowers. It could hold all kinds of household items...pencils, pens, note pads, your Plaza toiletries...even remote controls! With a little creativity (and common sense) you can create a votive candle holder...and there is still the original use for holding notes, mail and maybe even the odd love letter...especially if it were given as an anniversary gift!

This mailbox is metal and 7.5 high, 5 inches wide and 2.125 inches wide. There are 3 holes on the back for attaching to a wall.

When The Plaza first opened ninety percent of the rooms were reserved for permanent guests...most of whom were the who's who of New York Society at the time.

Think of the history this antique has seen!

US $350.00



Desk Set sold out


The faux leather (not to be confused with Sculptahyde) notepad holder is embossed on the front with both: THE PLAZA in script and the famous double P logo.

A pad of paper and pen are also included to complete the set! (They both have the logo and name of the hotel.  In addition the paper pad has the address and phone number as well as a "watermark-style" drawing of the hotel itself.) The pen has The Plaza engraved on the metal clip~a real touch of elegance! The pad measures 7.5 inches by 5.25 inches and weighs about 26 ounces.

US $65.0
sold out

Paper Guest Towels

Ten elegant paper guest towels from The Plaza Hotel New York!!  These are tied with authentic Plaza ribbon and would make a lovely gift.  These brand new towels are the same one's that were handed out by the attendants in this wonderful legend.  They make wonderful collectibles now that The Plaza, NYC has closed.

US $15.00 + shipping


Plaza Pencils

Ten (10) pencils from The Plaza Hotel, New York! The Pencils are white and each have The Plaza written in script as well as the famous double P logo. (They also say "THINK SAFETY!)The pencils are tied with an authentic blue Plaza Hotel ribbon which also has The Plaza signature written in script as well as that famous logo.

What a great stocking stuffer for the little eloise in your life!!

US $20.00 + shipping



Add a touch of Plaza elegance to your holiday dinner table with these elegant Plaza placecards. The cards are new, white, and truly exquisite with the Plaza logo in gold.

  They are being sold in lots of twelve (12) so that you can choose just how many you will need!

US $15.00 + shipping


TV Guide Cover

This is a never used vintage TV Guide holder from The Plaza Hotel, New York.

When the hotel stopped using this elegant faux burgundy alligator for the cover of these guides, they left an unopened box of the original ones sitting up in the attic.  This box was recently discovered during the big clean out for the liquidation sale. I came across a few of the Television Channel Guide inserts and have included one in the clear pocket in the cover.

US $20.00 + shipping


Plaza Hotel Playing Cards

Two sealed decks of Plaza playing cards from the Plaza Hotel, NYC.  On the back of these cards is a wonderful picture of this great New York landmark.  These laminated cards were made by GEMCO well known maker of casino-quality cards.  What a wonderful way to remember this great hotel!  They are great collectibles!

(Note: Their are 4 sets of 2 decks available.  Each set of 2 decks costs $30.00.)

US $30.00


Book: Inside The Plaza - An Intimate Portrait of the Ultimate Hotel

Book Title - Inside The Plaza: An Intimate Portrait of the Ultimate Hotel
by Ward Morehouse III. (New) 

Series: Applause Books
Publisher: Applause Books
Medium: Book
Author: Ward Morehouse III

From Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald cavorting in the Pulitzer Fountain to Ivana Trump patrolling the halls to inspect the rooms, this is the Plaza Hotel as no one has ever seen it, or been permitted to see it. The Plaza is the place where the Beatles headquartered when they invaded America. It's where George M. Cohan held court during the golden era of Broadway. It's where Marilyn busted a strap on cue, where Cary Grant started out from when he traveled North By Northwest, and where Macauley Culkin stayed after staying Home Alone.
From the railroad tracks in the basement to the vast luxury suites overlooking Central Park, this is the full story behind the gilded doors, the inside scoop direct from the people who have cavorted there and worked there.

Listed Price: $27.95 (US)
Inventory # HL 00314473
ISBN: 1557834687
UPC: 73999144734
Edition Number: 1557834687
Width: 6
Length: 9
Pages: 239

US $75.00


Book: The Hotel

Book Title -   The Hotel:  A Week in the Life of the Plaza
by Sonny Kleinfeld 

US $30.00


Book: The Golden Rules of Etiquette
At The Plaza

Book Title - The Golden Rules of Etiquette at The Plaza (new/mint)
Written and Illustrated by
Tom Civitano, Lyudmila Bloch, & Rosemary Carroll

The Golden Rules of Etiquette at the Plaza is a refreshing, practical , and smart etiquette guide for children ages 6 to 12.
It's full of charming illustrations, tips, and interesting facts, and valuable lessons on dining etiquette and social skills.  It will inform, delight, and entertain not only young readers but also their families.
First edition, out-of-print and highly collectible.
Plaza Hotel edition with coupon attached for complimentary membership in Young Plaza Ambassadors Program.   ($500 value)   Of course, the YPA program no longer exists and as well this coupon expired on March 31, 2005.

Book Description
The etiquette guide for children ages 6 to 12.
From the Publisher
It's a must for every parent and child.

Product Details
* Hardcover: 44 pages
* Publisher: Fifth Ave Press (November 2004)
* Language: English
* ISBN: 0975539000
* Product Dimensions: 0.5 x 7.8 x 10.5 inches

US $100.00


Book: The Plaza: It's Life & Times

Book Title - The Plaza; Its Life and Times (1907-1967)
by Eve Brown

The story of The Plaza serves as a lively indicator of our social history over two thirds of a century;  it has been witness to wars and depressions, rising taxes and declining manners, from Edwardian elegance to the frenzies of the jet age.  Mrs. Astor and the Four Hundred would have been shocked to know that two of the most important occasions at The Plaza in recent years were the arrival of the Beatles and the black-and-white masked ball given  by Truman Capote.
  Despite the changes of pace and occasional bizarre episodes, The Plaza has managed to keep its dignity unruffled, its good taste unimpaired.  The authentic flavor of each era is captured in this perceptive history.
Jen's notes:  A wonderful gossipy history written by New York society columnist "Cholly Knickerbocker."   These wonderful anecdotes are a wonderful read and has lots of fabulous photographs.
(Taken from dust jacket liner)

Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Meredith Press, New York
Date Published: 1967
Description: Very Good.  Dust jacket shows some wear.
Special Attributes: first edition with dust jacket
Languages: English

US $50.00


Book: The Plaza Cookbook

Book Title - The Plaza Cookbook
by Eve Brown (excellent) 

A HIGHLY Collectible Out-Of-Print Classic - 1972, FIRST Edition
340 pages full of wonderful illustrations and photos with sample menus from famous dinners in the
past. Includes a brief history of the hotel and lots of wonderful facts about this famous hotel's amazing kitchen.  (The Plaza had an acre of kitchen space!)  

 From the liner notes:
"Perhaps the secret of the Plaza's pull upon our imagination is the elegance that has been a real and living part of her since the day she opened in 1907.  The Plaza is style--not the kind you can get from well-appointed decorations or setting alone--but a constant attention to perfection--the multitudes of little unhurried things that lift life above the ordinary.  The Plaza makes us remember what things were like in a world that had time for quality."

Recipes vary from the simple and practical classic French dressing to the almost forgotten turtle soup.

Photos illustrate wonderful table settings and food presentations.  The photos provide a wonderful reference for presentations and uses for old hotel china and silver.

(wear and small tears to dust jacket.  may be price clipped)


US $150.00


Book: At The Plaza -
An Illustrated History Of the World's Most Famous Hotel

Book Title - At the Plaza:  An Illustrated History of the World's Most Famous Hotel
by Curtis Gathje

At The Plaza is a pictorial record and an anecdotal history of the world's most famous hotel: New York's Plaza. As a story, it traverses the breadth and scope of Gotham's high society during the American Century. As a photo collection, it's like no other, capturing the hotel's remarkable presence on the ever-changing New York scene.
For almost one hundred years, The Plaza has mirrored the social history of Manhattan: its tastes in design, entertainment, restaurants and accommodations, as well as its adjustment to Prohibition, the Great Depression, two World Wars, the Cold War, women's rights, smokers' rights, animals' rights and British rock-and-roll. The first guests to sign the register-Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt-set the standard for the long procession of luminaries that followed: Mark Twain, Diamond Jim Brady, Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Marlene Dietrich, Frank Lloyd Wright, Marilyn Monroe, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and the Beatles, among many others.
In At The Plaza, the hotel's official historian has compiled a tremendous collection of photographs and vignettes chronicling the colorful history of a building, an institution, and a city.

Curtis Gathje has been The Plaza's official historian since 1994. Also author of the novel A Model Crime, he makes his home in New York City.

St. Martin's Press
192 pages
Size: 8 1/2 x 9 1/8
Includes 184 b&w and color photos throughout
Pub Year : 2000
ISBN: 0-312-26174-8

US $75.00


Plaza Hotel Guest Information Book

The Plaza Hotel Guest Informant book.

This hardcover book has over 300 pages of information about the hotel and about visiting New York City!!

These books, found in each of the guest rooms at the hotel, are new and unused~ in absolutely mint condition.

The book opens to display a spectacular photo of the hotel in all its majestic glory taken from the edge of Central Park. Each of the hotel's restaurants is pictured and briefly described. Even a sample menu for The Palm Court is given!

 The books also summarize the services that were available, including the spa, Young Ambassador's Program and special meeting facilities.

Of course, Eloise makes an appearance!!

There's lots of info about shopping and dining in NYC!

(There are even a couple of discount coupons including eight for Bloomingdale's!!)

US $40.00

Plaza Hotel Fire Exit Floor Plan

FIRE EXIT FLOOR PLAN DIAGRAM from New York's The Plaza Hotel

This diagram is an architectural drawing of the 1921 second floor renovation printed on a 6" by  8" piece of card.  It was never used and is a beautiful piece of memorabilia and a real piece of history!

The document is in excellent shape and would be suitable for framing or display.  It had been stored in a pile of papers and, hence, protected.  There is some slight yellowing to the card stock...but it is hardly noticeable.  (I only mention it here to ensure I'm providing a thorough description.)  Other than the slight discoloration the print is in mint condition.

Room numbers and room dimensions are marked on all the rooms.  Rooms are marked as salons, parlors, and dining rooms.  There's a whole assortment of other rooms including maid's rm, private pantry's and a dressing room. Instead of "bedrooms" the more discreet term "chambers" is used.

These plans show where the old staircase beside the 59th Street elevators was.  This staircase was still there just enclosed behind mirrors and trellises for fire safety reasons.  (Yes...there once was an open staircase beside these elevators...if you watch the old movies like North by Northwest, you'll see it!)

The Fire Exit diagrams used by the hotel in 2005 naturally show no sign of this staircase.  As well, they lack the attention to detail and have none of the charm that this old document has.

 These cards were placed in each of the guest rooms with a red star stamped on the corresponding room on the diagram.  Red arrows were then hand-drawn to the nearest fire exit.  All fire exits are marked by a red circle.  This card was never used.

US $50.00

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