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Treat yourself to a little luxury from The Plaza Hotel!
Our Hardware Page contains various hardware memorabilia such as doorknobs and fixtures. Additional brass ROOM NUMBERS and BRASS SIGNS can be found on our Hotel Furnishings page.

doorknob set with
cylinder hole
round Plaza doorknob
eggshaped doorknob set
with keyhole
"mini doorknob"


"Mini Doorknob " Turn-Knob"

I don't know what this is called but the piece is the little knob that you turn on the inside of your door to bolt the door.  It includes the decorative plate that fastens to the door.  (It has 3 holes for screws.)  The little rod that goes into the door is attached.

(NOTE: the larger doorknob shown above is not included -- it's been shown for size/design reference only.)

Now for the best part!  The knob itself is a little doorknob.  The detail is exquisite.  The plate has the same decorative wreath pattern as the doorknob and the turn bolt.

I'm keeping one of these knobs for myself.  I'm planning on using it as a "pull-knob" on a vintage medicine cabinet.  I think the knob could also be easily modified to be used as a drawer pull.  I love the elegant little items from the hotel that can find everyday roles in modern households.  It's so fun to be able to bring a little piece of the Plaza into everyday life!

This is a solid brass and very special piece!

There are a few drops of paint on the edge of the plate.  They can be easily removed...but I'll leave it up to the buyer to decide if that is something he/she wants to do.

This wonderful piece of Plaza Hotel memorabilia is a rare collectable that will last.  They were removed from service at the hotel long ago and have been sitting in the back of a drawer where they were recently found.


US $250.00


Round Plaza Doorknob

Plaza Round Doorknob

A round brass doorknob cast with Plaza double P monogram in crest.  2.25 in (7 cm) diameter.  This knob is identical to those sold at Christie's auction house on March 15, 2006.  The knob is complete with matching rosette and rod.
These knobs were a decorative knob place in the center of the doors.  Every morning a bag holding the morning newspaper was hung on the knob for the convenience of the guest.  I think the knobs would be wonderful on a wall to hang a coat or purse.
The knobs can, however, be used as a regular working doorknob with no modification.


US $1400.00  + shipping


Doorknob Set with Keyhole

Rare Old Set of Plaza Hotel Brass Doorknobs.

The inside plate has a little turnknob. The outside plate has an old-fashioned key hole,
(think skeleton key) .

Gorgeous, rare set of brass plates and knobs. The identical set (including the door) sold at Christie's auction house for over $17,000. The set is solid brass, quite heavy. Cartouche form and foliate cast doorplates.

They measure 7-1/2" long. One side has a knob to bolt the door.
The knobs are highly detailed with the double "P" logo and measure
2-3/4" high and 2-3/4" in diameter.

A true keepsake.

US $1500.00  + shipping

Doorknob Set with Cylinder Hole



US $1500.00  + shipping




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