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If you happened to inquire at the concierge desk if Eloise was around, you may have been told...

"Of course she's in residence...just look! Here are her slippers!"

Eloise slippers at Christie's Auction

A pair of 'Eloise's' slippers as seen in Christie's auction 1692 Lot 246.


Eloise Doll collectibleEloise Doll collectible
Eloise at the Plaza Hotel New York City

Plaza Hotel Eloise Doll Collectible Gift Sets

The Ultimate Eloise Gift Box Set - This limited edition set includes Eloise Doll, Eloise picture in a little frame, Plaza Hotel peppermint lotion, Young Plaza Ambassador's passport, doll-sized Eloise cup & saucer.

Here's the thing of it....the cup has Eloise's turtle Skipperdee on it and the saucer is monogrammed with an "E". (For Eloise. of course!!) We've also included one or two of Eloise's lucky buttons, with the gold-plating maybe a little worn from its service on the doorman's coat or maybe just from Eloise rubbing it in her pocket!

These are some of Eloise's favorite things from the hotel -- all in three matching hat boxes!

The large hatbox has a gold seal on top with The Plaza signature and logo, and each gift set includes a complementary official Eloise of The Plaza gift card.

The doll is 18 inches tall and is sporting the traditional Eloise uniform of pleated black skirt, white socks and Mary Janes etc. This is a cloth doll. She curls up inside the large hatbox which is complete with a gold seal from The Plaza Hotel.

Note the Eloise pictures and frames vary. The three shown in the photo are typical. A gift set includes one framed picture.

Ultimate Eloise Gift Box Set - Three little hatboxes of rawther delightul surprises including the Eloise doll!
Item #9015 - $125 plus shipping ~ Exclusively found here!

Eloise Doll and Large Hatbox Only -
Item #9016 - $65 plus shipping


VALID UNTIL December 15th

Official "Eloise of The Plaza" gift cards and envelopes included with your purchase of either of the above Eloise Gift Sets

This would be a spectacular gift for the little Eloise in your life!!!

New! Eloise Cream and Sugar Gift Set

eloise cream and sugar set

Price $50

Adorable gift set in a pink box with a gold The Plaza label. This child-sized, porcelain cream and sugar have pictures of Skipperdee and Weenie on them. (Eloise's pet turtle and dog...for those of you not in the know.)

Also included is one demitasse silver-plated spoon (sorry no double P logo) to spoon out lavish amounts of sugar and give your cup of tea a great swirl before sipping.

As Eloise says, "This is definitely a Da for under the tree!"

Eloise Cream And Sugar Gift Set

- Item #9023

$50 plus shipping

New! Eloise in Moscow Doll

Eloise in Moscow collectible plaza hotel doll

Price $50

Here's Eloise all decked out in her faux fur coat, hat and boots. The perfect outfit to wear on a walk to dancing class with Nanny or a trip to the Kremlin...it's very versatile. This is an 18" rag or cloth doll. It is rawther top secret, but our reliable sources predict that if you carefully cut the basting stitches that hold on the fur ensemble, you can have a wonderful time playing doll dress up.

As Eloise says, "This is definitely a Da for under the tree!"

Eloise Moscow Doll

- Item #9020

$50 plus shipping

New! Eloise Holiday Doll

Eloise Santa Doll Plaza Hotel Collectibles

Price $50

Here's Santa's favorite little helper, aka Little Miss Christmas all decked out in her Santa's hat and scarf. (They are rawther festive!) She's an 18 inch rag or cloth doll just waiting for a good home.

We have a very limited number of these retired Madam Alexander dolls available.

Eloise Holiday Doll

- Item #9018

$50 plus shipping

New! Collectible Eloise Doll - Madame Alexander Collection

collectible Eloise plaza hotel doll

Price $35

This 9-inch Eloise Doll from Madam Alexander captures that wonderful smirky, smile that makes you wonder just what mischief this little imp has been up to. The doll is vinyl and comes in display-style box.

We have a very limited number of these retired Madam Alexander dolls available.

Eloise Doll

- Item #9024

$35 plus shipping

New! Madeline Holiday Doll

Collectible Madeline Doll Plaza Hotel Collectibles

Price $50

Why a Madeline doll on an Plaza Hotel website you ask? Well, Eloise knows that sometimes a girl just need a friend to come over for tea and those in the know that Madeline has been known to hang out at Bamelmans in The Carlyle Hotel...a mere hop, skip and a jump from The Plaza.

This darling 18 inch doll has a removable green coat and fur muff. Who knows, maybe your Eloise doll will just have to give them a whirl!

Madeline Holiday Doll

- Item #9019

$35 plus shipping

New! Oooooooh, I Absolutely Love Tea Parties! - Collectible Eloise Porcelain Tray

Eloise tea party collectible tray
Eloise Collectible tray from Plaza Hotel collectibles

Price $35

Collectible Eloise porcelain tray from The Classic Eloise Collection officially licensed by Kay Thompson's Estate circa 2000.

The tray is approximately 9 inches long and just perfect for a child-sized tea party, wall decoration or dresser tray. Our supply is limited.

Eloise Porcelain Tray

- Item #9017

$35 plus shipping



Wonderful Vintage items from Eloise of the Plaza

We've searched through our stash and found some special vintage Eloise items just for the Holiday season!!

These hard to find collectibles are a "must" for any Eloise aficianado and make wonderful gifts to remember The Plaza Hotel!!

plaza hotel eloise christmas ornament

 Vintage cloth/rag Eloise doll with yarn hair
A rare find in excellent condition-still with her shoes!

Price $575

This vintage Eloise rag doll is in excellent condition. She comes complete with original clothes including shoes and socks. She stands about 22 inches tall and was made in Brooklyn, New York. An American Character creation.

This little Eloise won't last long!!





Rare vintage Eloise doll

- Item #9010

$575 plus shipping


Collectible Eloise postcard Plaza Hotel New York City

Unused vintage Eloise Postcard
A mint memento from this grand hotel!

Price $35

This unused postcard is a real find! It would be wonderful matted and framed.

On the back is written, "It's Me...Eloise! I'm a little girl who lives at The Plaza. The Plaza is a hotel at Fifth Avenue and Fifty-ninth Street in New York. I live there with my Nanny; My turtle, Skipperdee; and Weenie, the dog that looks like a cat.





Vintage Eloise Postcard- Item #9011

$35 plus shipping


Eloise in Moscow first printing Kay Thompson

Eloise in Moscow

1st Edition-stated First Printing

Price $375

Simon and Schuster, 1959. Hard Cover. Kay Thompson - 1st Edition 1st Printing - FINE/ FINE - copy of Eloise In Moscow. 4to. Unpaginated, [66] pp. Bound in orange paper boards with black lettering to the spine and front board; with a scene depicting Eloise in three poses amongst streetlamps stamped in black on the front board. $3.75 publisher's price intact on the lower righthand corner of the inside front panel of the dust wrapper,


Eloise in Moscow First Edition Book Item #9012

$375 plus shipping

Eloise Doll Christmas ornament

New! A Mint Eloise ornament still in its original box

Price $35

This limited edition keepsake retired just a few years ago.

The ornament is a delightful representation of this little imp. Eloise is decked out in full holiday attire with a candy-cane stripe scarf and a stocking cap. (And of course she's got bells on her toes...and her knees...and her elbows...) Although Weenie, the dog who looks like a cat, couldn't stay still long enough to be captured for the ornament, Eloise is giving Skipperdee, her beloved turtle, a little holiday hug...just tight enough so that he doesn't wiggle away!!

Eloise Carlton Card Keepsake Ornament - Item #9008

$35 plus shipping


Eloise vintage collectible water globe

Vintage Eloise Musical Water Globe

Price $125 SOLD OUT

The 5 3/4-inch Eloise Musical Water Globe made by Madame Alexander features Eloise within a glass sphere, leaning on an ornate, gilt table (with an expensive-looking vase resting perilously near her elbow), and, when shaken, she is showered with a flurry of sparkling, colored confetti "snow." The glass globe rests upon a circular base that recreates objects and scenes from Eloise's life - her bedroom, piano, tennis racket, etc., and plays "Thank Heaven For Little Girls."

Special Note from Eloise~As just another normal six-year-old that lives in an outrageously decadent hotel, I can tell you that Christmas is mostly about the presents. MOSTLY. And I think this would make a rawther nice little gift to put under the tree. : )

Eloise Musical "Snow" Globe - Item #9013

$125 plus shipping


Plaza Hotel Eloise Christmas Ornaments

It's me, Eloise, and I am thrilled, thrilled, thrilled to give you the opportunity to own a little something for your tree from the ultimate Eloise ornament collection. These hand-blown, hand-painted glass ornaments were made in 2002 under license from Estate of Kay Thompson. The ornaments measure just over 5 inches high.

plaza hotel eloise christmas ornament

Eloise on Tricycle Ornament
Rare Blown Glass Plaza Christmas Ornament

Eloise is madly peddling her little trike with Skipperdee (her turtle) in the basket on the front and Weenie (the dog who looks like a cat) in a sack on her back.

Eloise on Tricycle Christmas Ornament - Item #9006


plaza hotel eloise christmas ornament

Just Me, Eloise Ornament
Rare Blown Glass Plaza Christmas Ornament

Price $75

A classic Eloise pose with Skipperdee and Weenie!

Just Me, Eloise Christmas Ornament - Item #9005

$75 plus shipping

Nanny and Tree Ornament
Rare Blown Glass Plaza Christmas Ornament

Eloise and Nanny decorate their Christmas tree. Eloise is reaching to place the star on top...with a little help from Nanny, Skipperdee (the turtle) and Weenie (the pug)!

Nanny and Tree Christmas Ornament - Item #9004


Eloise Santa Ornament
Rare Blown Glass Plaza ChristmasOrnament

Eloise goes caroling dressed as Santa. Skipperdee, the turtle, rides in her pocket while Weenie, the put, hides in her sack.

Eloise Santa Christmas Ornament - Item #9003


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